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Are you searching for your family tree, for your roots, or just looking for records of someone dear to you?

We Can Help ...
If you are from out of the area and need assistance obtaining an obituary from our local newspaper or other resources, please email the Reference Department at refdept@seolibraries.org or send a letter to the Reference Department, Carnegie Public Library, 219 E. Fourth Street, East Liverpool, OH 43920.
We started having The Review digitized so that it is available online. There are many rolls of microfilm to digitize so it will be an long, ongoing project. The first ten rolls have been added to a new website: http://carnegie.advantage-preservation.com. The dates are May 1, 2007-December 21, 2008. We will add more dates as we can afford them. Donations to help with the project would be greatly welcomed as it costs $90 to have a roll digitized and added to the website.
Please make your request as specific as possible as it will be researched and processed for up to 30 minutes.  Open-ended and "needle-in-the-haystack" requests are highly discouraged.  Researchers seeking inquiry for such questions should consult a researcher for hire. There is a list of genealogists at the Board for Certification of Genealogists website.
We also have subscriptions to HeritageQuest, African American Heritage, Fold3, and Ancestry Library Edition available through library computers.  Don't forget the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps to see what buildings were in East Liverpool back in the day. Stop by to search for your family's information!
 If we have not been able to help you please try contacting one of the following web pages:
If you want to learn more about the Tri-State Area of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania please take a look at the Local History section of the Library Home Page.
Here are some additional genealogy websites.