Distribution of Free Materials/Community Information

The library will provide at its discretion limited space for the distribution of community information materials, free handouts or the posting of flyers, notices, and posters, which present current and relevant news about nonprofit educational, cultural, public interest and recreational services.

Materials promoting business or commercial ventures, political campaigns or viewpoints, or doctrinal beliefs will not be accepted for distribution. Personal sales or advertisements, or job postings will not be accepted for distribution. Petitions will not be accepted unless first approved in a resolution by the library board and found to benefit the library.

Distribution or posting of community information materials does not necessarily indicate the library's endorsement of the issues or events promoted by the materials.

Due to limited space available for community information materials, only a limited quantity can be accepted, and will only be made available for a period of one (1) month.

Large posters and announcements are not accepted for display. No signs will be posted on the library entrance doors.

Community information materials cannot be returned once given to the library for distribution.

The Library Director shall make the final determination as to whether materials comply with the guidelines for distribution. Adopted January 19, 2005, updated April 16, 2008.