Outreach Programs

Carnegie Public Library provides several outreach programs for the local community. Inquiries should be directed to the  Librarian responsible for the program.


The library has a program for delivering materials to patrons in the city of East Liverpool who can not travel to the library.

There are no age requirements. This program is for children who may be sick for an extended time, parents who are confined to their homes or for any patrons who may have a disability or inability to be active outside their homes.

The materials are delivered once every two weeks, unless there is a holiday or special circumstance. We are happy to try to obtain books that we may not own through our interlibrary loan system

To sign up you need to contact Tom at the library, 330-385-2048 x107, and answer a few questions about the materials you would like to receive.

Nursing Home Loan

The library provides books for the nursing homes in the area in Ohio. A number of books are provided on a rotating basis; however, if you have a relative with specific reading needs in one of the nursing homes, you can request extra books for them. For more information please contact Tom Marlatt, 330-385-2048 x107, at the library.