Computer Lab

The library has a computer lab on the second floor with 8 general use computers. Productivity software is available on all computers. We require a library card in good standing (no overdue materials or fines) to use computers. Users must abide by the following Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Internet access is available on selected public computer terminals for all users of the Carnegie Public Library of East Liverpool, Ohio.

Internet access is provided by the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN), a network linking all public libraries in Ohio with the goal of providing equity of access to global information for all citizens. Access to the Internet is compatible with the Carnegie Public Library's endorsement of the American Library Association's Bill of Rights, Code of Ethics, and the library's mission statement.

The Internet offers access to a wealth of material that is personally, professionally, and culturally enriching to individuals of all ages. It is, however, an unregulated medium with a highly diverse user population. The Internet contains material that some might find offensive or disturbing. The Carnegie Public Library has no control over the information that can be accessed through the Internet and is not responsible for its content.

Library patrons are responsible for the information accessed by their children.

Only parents may restrict the Internet resources chosen by their children.

Parents are advised to supervise children's use of the Internet.

Sources on the Internet do not always provide accurate, complete or current information.

As with any material provided by the library, the user must take responsibility in questioning the validity of the information found. The library does not warrant information available through the Internet to be accurate, factual, legal, or complete.

Users may not use the library's computers for any of the following:

* Unauthorized entry into any other computer or network
* Any action which violates copyright
* Any action which interferes with the use of information sources
* The sending, receiving, or displaying of text or graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene
* Any action that seeks to invade the privacy of individuals
* Any action that destroys, alters, prevents, or interferes with computer-based information
* Any activity that violates local, state, and/or federal laws
* Commercial activity
* Political lobbying
* Disrupting the use of the Internet by others
* Library staff will make every effort to offer searching suggestions and answer some questions, but they cannot provide in-depth training on Internet and personal computer use. Some staff members have extensive knowledge of the Internet; others have less experience. Because of scheduling, staff members who are knowledgeable about the Internet may not always be available.

Any patron found to have violated any of the above will lose all Internet privileges.

Officially adopted by the Carnegie Public Library Board of Trustees on October 23, 1996.

Computer Use Policy

1. The library provides computers for public use, but does not provide instruction in the use of the computer or use of any specific web sites.
2. A patron must present a library card in good standing in order to use the computers. There must be no more than $2.00 in unpaid charges on the patron’s card. A patron who cannot pay their entire balance initially may make payments in increments of $1.00 each time they wish to use the computers, until their balance has been paid in full.
3. Computers are checked out for use in half-hour time periods. A patron may use a computer for an unlimited time period while no other patrons are waiting, but may be asked to finish their session any time after a half-hour has elapsed if other patrons are waiting to use the computers.
4. Once a patron has been asked to vacate because of other waiting patrons, a period of one half-hour of non-use must elapse before they will be afforded the one half-hour expiration period again. They may get on any computer as soon as it is free, but if the half-hour has not elapsed they may be requested to vacate if another patron wishes to use the computers.
5. Patrons waiting to use the computers may wait in either the nonfiction room or the reference room on the 2nd floor. They may not stand near the computers or around the 2nd floor railing.
6. There is normally one user per computer. Staff may make exceptions for two people to sit at one computer. Space and the privacy of other patrons do not allow for more people to be gathered at one computer. Standing behind or beside seated computer users is not permitted for anyone, including members of the user’s party. Others in the user’s party may wait in either the nonfiction room or reference room on the 2nd floor, or on the first floor.
7. A patron wishing to move to another free computer must alert the staff so that the correct expiration time is recorded. Otherwise, the patron may be requested to vacate the computer based on the recorded expiration time of the previous patron.
8. Computer use for each day ends one quarter-hour before the closing of the library.
9. Staff do not type documents for patrons or complete online forms or account registrations.
10. Staff may provide assistance with printing when possible but cannot necessarily modify print formatting or correct printing errors. Patrons must pay for all pages which they print.
11. Patrons may listen to audio content from the web only by bringing in their own headphones or earbuds. Listening to audio openly for all patrons to hear is not appropriate.