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Position: Circulation/Library Page
Reports to: Designated Supervisor
I. Basic Function
Responsible for providing full range of circulation functions, reference assistance to library patrons,
both adults and children. Responsible for re-shelving books as well as general stack maintenance. Other duties may also be assigned as needed, including weeding, filing, etc., as assigned by Head of Circulation and/or Director.
ll. Duties and Responsibilities
1 Works on a cooperative basis with other circulation desk staff, handling all normal
circulation functions, which may include any or all of the duties listed below.
2 Checks in books and other library materials.
3 Checks out books and other library materĂ­als.
4 Enters new patron cards and renewals "on the fly" as needed.
5 Provides reference assistance to patrons in-house and phone ready-reference as
6 Assists patrons in using the online public access catalog and photocopy machlne, providing
daily maintenance on machine (filling paper trays, adding toner, removing simple paper
jams, etc.)
7 Recommends interlibrary loan to patrons when appropriate.
8 Relays patron recommendations for new library materials to appropriate personnel.
9 Makes suggestions regardĂŤng the selection of library materials.
10 Handles pâtron complaints professionally and courteously. Refers unresolved
problems/complaints/issues to designated supervisor or designated Evening/Saturday
11 Assists patrons with microfilm readers and reader/printer in Reference Area (includes daily
maintenance on machine).
12 Performs in-house tracking of materials and equipment for circulation statistics.
13 Calls reserves in a timely fashion.
14 Records accurately and completely allfinancial transactions on the daily record sheet.
15 Keeps the circulation desk neat and orderly.
16 Processes newspapers.
17. Returns audio-visual materials and new books to the appropriate shelves/racks.
18. Files library application cards (borrowers cards).
19. Shelves books in assigned areas (fiction, non-fiction, children's, reference)
20. As books are shelved, straightens books so they are flush with the shelves.
21. immediately corrects any books that are out of order on the shelf.
22. Shifts sections of stacks as necessary for proper stack maintenance.
23. Assists with weeding process.
24. Directs patrons in need of help finding a particular area of shelves.
25. Shelf reads on a regular basis; keeps a record of shelf reading progress for review by
26. May conduct library programming.
27. Regularly attends staff meetings.
28. Participates in staff development sen¡inars.
29. Other duties as assigned by Head of Circulation and/or Director Designee.
30. Work Ă­n Computer Lab and keep track of patron's computer usage.
31. Assist patrons with internet and programs such as Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint.
32. Assist with computer classes when needed.
33. Photocopy handouts when needed.
34. Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.
lll. Education
High school graduate, preferably with post high school experience.
lV. Work Experience
Entry Level.

Job Type: Part-time, particularly needed Fridays and Saturdays 9a-1p.

Salary: $10.45/hour in 2024