Tiny Art Show

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You are often used to seeing large canvases at a museum. The tiny art show at the Carnegie Public Library during the month of May is on the opposite end of the spectrum, only measuring a scant 4” X 4”.

The library provided kits that included a tiny canvas, a set of paints, and a brush. But the beauty of this art show was the eclectic choices of its artistic participants.

“I love how many people participated in the Tiny Art Show,” said Melissa Percic, director of the Carnegie Public Library. “All of the works are wonderful and everyone is so talented.” Everyone of all ages and levels chose their path and medium. Some used the paints provided but others used pen and ink, watercolor, oils, acrylics, and even collage. Themes ranged from still life, landscapes, to abstracts. This was an opportunity for all artists to explore and create and for those who had never done anything artistic to indulge in the experience and exhibit.

The small-size show has 18 entries set up on window ledges in the lobby on the main floor of the library. “We hope to make it an annual event,” said Percic. The show will be up through May 27.